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Be rewarded for being local, introducing Yudoo.


— is a nationwide customer engagement reward platform and app. It is designed for residents and visitors alike. Yudoo offers discounts on everything from bars, restaurants, historical sites and activities to services and much more.


Get discounts at top locations throughout Scotland, from bars & restaurants to historical sites, services and activities.

Free to sign up and use basic features such as map view and top reviewed restaurants, bars and attractions

Available on Google play and AppStore

Location based GPRS interface signalling the nearest participating outlets (Nearby).

Who can use Yudoo?

Local business

Increase your revenue by offering a promotion such as a discount voucher, a buy one get one free, or a free entry offer. You can tailor the incentive however you prefer.

Increase your revenue
Increase popularity with locals
Host visitors

Locals and visitors

Save money with discounts to popular stores, upcoming local events, places to stay and restaurants! All in one app with maps and other information.

Save money
Find important information about the local area
Easy to enjoy travel with navigation and recommendations

Subscription plans

for locals and visitors using the app

Get acquainted with the app with free access

Sign up for a free account today!

map & navigation
reviews and recommendations
limited access to discounts info

For locals and long term visitors who love to explore places and visit events. Our app will be your dedicated assistant for your adventures.

map & navigation
reviews and recommendations
access to discount vouchers

Share the app with 5 friends, if they sign up and purchase subscription plans, you
get one year free!


The App is going to be used by both locals and visitors. By offering promotions such as a discount or incentive, local businesses can attract new customers and increase revenue.
Is Yudoo free for businesses?
Yes, membership and use of the platform to manage offers is free. Additionally, you will be joining a community of local businesses sharing similar goals and challenges.
Is Yudoo free for app users?
Yes, access to maps and information about local businesses is free. To access vouchers, incentives and discounts a subscription is required.

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